Artistic Voice

This project was very interesting to me as I was able to explore my interests and express them through sketches and paintings. I began this project by making an artistic voice matrix tree where I included some of my interests and the things that appear in my art the most. I started listing things and then I began to connect them to find major themes in my life/work. I narrowed it down to two major themes that I feel occur most in my mind and show up in my artworks, which is the contrasts between opposites and the movements and objects of nature. I then began to start my 16 daily sketches centered around the themes I found while doing my matrix. It was a bit tough sketching every day as I am not much of a drawer/sketcher, but coming up with ideas on what to draw was not as hard as I though it would be. These sketches also helped me outline the techniques I use in my art which I would describe as soft lines, blended colors, no harsh contrasts, and bright colors (if I even use any). For my paintings I started out painting a sunflower that was dying on top of intertwining stems. This reflects back to my theme of nature (the sunflower) and opposites (the large bright stems vs. the dying flower and gray background). My next painting with the tree splitting the two skies was a reflection of opposites, which included an experiment of applying texture with a palette knife. I was then running out of time because of a few sick days, so I made two smaller paintings which came from my sketches in my sketchbook, and can be related in a way to being opposites as I messed around with some surrealistic images.

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