Cradled Panel

With this project, I was interested in building up some of my weak spots that I encounter in painting. Some of my weak spots that I have noticed as I get more comfortable with visualizing ideas and then painting them, is the need to be perfect. I have always had trouble with making bright lights, dark darks and my colors being bold because I tend to blend things together making my colors not pop as much as I wanted them to, or my whites and blacks completely blending into the other colors. In this project I tried to conserve the bright colors that I put on my canvas and only blend around the edges between colors to create a rough natural look. It was a bit difficult not blending the waves into the water, or the two water colors together, or the crashing waves, but I resisted my temptations and kept almost all of the paint on the canvas separated from each-other. The theme of this work ties into my central theme of painting nature. I feel very strongly about the need to conserve our planet, to appreciate it and treat it with care. I enjoy the natural world and the beautiful colors in nature. The colors of this painting are colors that I have not used much of in past works, it was interesting painting a nature scene in its true hues instead of just using plain blues for the water and sky. This work is also something that means very much to me, it is based on a picture of the view I had from a lighthouse in my hometown looking out at Lake Michigan. I have fond memories associated with that area of my hometown and the endless childhood summers where I would enjoy going on adventures, hanging with friends, collecting sea glass, and swimming in the lake. I wanted to capture the beauty of the different colors of the lake, and work on my painting techniques, by preserving the contrasting colors and the visual motion of the lake in the painting, and I think this project turned into one of my strongest works that I am very proud of.

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