Homemade Paints

I have never experimented with water color before. This project was very interesting and challenging for me as I did not understand the techniques used to paint with water colors, and we had to use non traditional paints for my first time. I had trouble finding natural grains to mix with the gum arabic to make the paints, so my color range was very limited, I also had trouble with the process of mixing the materials all together to make the paste that would be the paint. I am not sure if I did not grind up the coffee grounds well enough, or if I did not use the mixing tool right or for long enough, but my paints were chunky, opaque, and grainy. The paints that I ended up making were three colors: first one made with just the coffee grounds to make a brown, second made with a maroon colored powder and coffee to make a grainy dark maroon, and lastly I used marigold to make a yellow color. For my paintings I was went back to one of my main themes and interests, nature. I have really taken a liking to painting flowers and sunflowers, so for my first painting I cut a long piece from the water color paper and decided to paint a long sun flower. The next painting is one of my favorites, it is the side of a cliff showing layers of different colors and uses of water color’s opaqueness. The last painting of the sun and flower petals was me trying out different techniques and making something simple and a bit abstract. These paintings were more for me to practice with and learn how to use these kinds of paints, unlike the effort and thought that I put into my other works.

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